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ReferEntrepreneurs helps you connect with like-minded Entrepreneurs worldwide and grow your Business! We have already launched our beta version and is fully functional. You can see our website at


Am now mainly looking for funding for running fb ads from which we can get a lot of leads.

Our strength compared to other successful social networks which are present now are as below:

All Social Networks make Thousands of Dollars a year by utilizing us and we don’t get anything in return. This give us a spark to start a Business networking website with a revenue sharing model. In any social networking site, the members are the real heroes behind the success of it. Here in RE, you will be  benefited financially for participating in this site and when we make money, you will also make money. Free members can also earn money and that too recurring earnings which you get every month as long as your referred friends are active in the site.

We want our members to help our website explode, and to reward you, we will pay you each and every month recurring commissions on autopilot for your referrals!

Started in Sep 2018, ReferEntrepreneurs will help Budding Entrepreneurs to stay connected to the world of Start-ups, also with Investors for funding and in choosing right freelancers for getting their work done easily within limited budgets. Members can also use ReferEntrepreneurs offline Startup pitch events held at different locations in the world to discover what’s going on in the world of entrepreneurship, and to share and express what matters to them in the world of Business and also present there ideas in front of Investors. Here in this Business Networking website we are giving also an option to all the members to have recurring passive income every month by referring their entrepreneur friends to our growing business network and also they can get more business by doing that.

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