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The only online game which gives you a chance of winning 90% every time you play. Every time and it will happen in every 30 minutes every hour, whole day, whole week, whole year.

The game is very simple. There are 10 numbers in front of you as shown below. Now you can play on any maximum 9 numbers. Suppose you choose

1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9 and 0


So out of 10 you selected 9 numbers. Now there is a lucky draw in every 30 minutes which opens any random number from the below 10 numbers and out of which you have already selected 9 numbers. So that makes your winning chance 90%. And if your selected number wins you get 10 times of your bet amount.

Now you bet Rs.500 on each number so that makes your Rs.4500 on risk but at the same time a 90% chance of winning Rs. 5000. So that means Rs.500 winning in just 30 minutes.

The winning number will be universal, same for everyone and not different for every user. Every 30 minutes, the customer can verify the number on our Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.

This is the most easiest online game which gives you a chance of winning 90% every time.

This mobile app for android and apple is under process of making and will be ready by the end of Sep 2018.

Now as this game comes in a nature of gambling, i cannot register the company in India, and hence it will be registered in Malta and Kenya.

The game will be launched online in the first week of Novemeber 2018.

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