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WAM is a startup-up men's clothing line company, which sell self-designed clothing line. The brand will start off with a collection of Hoodies, joggers/ trackpants, Tracksuits, t-shirts and will expand it's product portfolio successively to eventually become a well-known brand . Built with the concept of hype beast ( refers to wearing the most exclusive clothes that everyone's talking about ). Brand will display the products via website through Fashion photography ( The goal is to minimize distractions & present the product at its absolute best) . No brand in this country display there products via Fashion photography but only through a white background. ( which becomes unique)


 The most important factor of the brand is INFLUENCER COLLECTIONS were we introduce the top influencers of the country to work for the brand to promote. Influencer collections are were we introduce clothes displaying the influencers on it. Every influencer can pick any products which they wanna add to there collections and these influencers will promote the products through there platform, By uploading the picture of them wearing our brand and influencing there audience to check out the collections. which in return gives us a free ton of traffic to the website and these traffic can turn into potential customers . For each customer purchase made from there collections the influencer gets paid . irrespect of the customer purchase made through brands campaigns or from the influencers, they still gets paid.


- The brand gets the name out

- The influencers does 60% of the marketing

- Free traffic to our website , which turns to potential customers

- Gets sales for other collections

- We get influencers to wear the brands products

- Model photography ( influencers pic with the product)



- The brand will also promote every collections and when the sales are made from the brands campaign, the influencers still gets paid

- estimate (20-25k) for every 100 products sold

- Free Products


  The brand has a set of unique features, Which will differentiate it from competitions. The most important selling propositions are Influencers collection. Through this collection the brand will quickly become acknowledge broadly & reach millions of people & fans . 


    competitions for e-commerce are plenty but we vary from they cause , our price range are more affordable and far less then our competitors and our brand are backed up by top influencers who also becomes the brand ambassadors . which shows the trust of the brand. Risk are very minimal.


    Trained designers and founder will design the clothes and after the designing is done it is then send to senior designer from the top brand and once it get approved , the manufacturing of the product begins.

I hope you will make the right decision to invest 

( Feedbacks is welcomed )

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