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FixIts are mouldable eco-friendly plastic sticks that can be used to solve a number of challenges around your home, garden, tech, workplace and more - FixIts is the new kitchen drawer essential.

FixIts can be moulded into any which way, shape or form. They are also endlessly reusable - just re-heat and re-mould! First conceived by author and materials designer Chris Lefteri.

How does it work?

FixIts sticks are quick and easy to use. They become soft and flexible when dunked into heated water (we recommend 60 deg. C or 140 F) and can be formed into any shape you may need. FixIts hardens as it cools so there’s no curing time needed.

FixIts are incredibly tough and made to last. Once hardened, they can be drilled into, hammered into, screwed into, sanded down or cut to size.

Made a mistake or changed your mind? Simply re-heat to start again! You can also squish leftover bits together and save them for your next fix, or blend colours to form new hues and patterns.

FixIts are biodegradable in compliance with requirements for EN-14995, so you can dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly manner if you wish.

Not just for DIY pros.

We envision FixIts as the new essential for everyone: with 1000s of possible uses, it’s so handy you’ll want to keep it close by.  

Use it to fix your tech - for example your frayed charging cable

Or other little things that bother you - e.g. your wobbly chair

 Make something new from something old - e.g. this aeroplane spoon 

Create the home and garden of your dreams - e.g. make a comfortable grip

Or make sure you’re prepared for your next adventure!

A quick fix in a stick.

The instructions for how to use FixIts are directly on the sticks, so you'll never be at a loss on how to use them. This makes it incredibly easy to share the fix with your friends and family.

A glimpse of our packaging...

And a taste of some of the development work that went into FixIts: Designed and Manufactured in the UK

We're looking for our early adopters and pioneers here

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