Development for Solar based Efficient Induction Cook stove for replacement of LPG/ Woodstock



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Rakesh Patil
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Current Cooking Problems :  India Uses a lot of Biogas, LPG and Wood stock for cooking.  All forms of heating, by means of burning will be only around 40% efficient. Current Induction cookers have efficiency of around only 70%. Current Induction cookers use AC mains power which is not stable as there are quite a lot of power outages in the rural areas.

The solution : 12V battery operated Induction cooker is being developed as the battery can be charged from solar panels. 140 Ah battery can provide full day's cooking for a medium sized family during full sunlight conditions.

The Mains Electricity dependency will come down and burning LPG/Woodstock carbon footprint comes down drastically. 

Current Development : We are in a Proto Phase and we need funds to carry forward the development process.

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